How you deal with it is up to you

Everyone grieves differently

Grief doesn’t end

Attending a grief group changed me

Grieving as a family

Understanding other’s emotions

Kids have different kinds of grief

I learned about love through grief

It’s always different

Our new normal

Talking about it

What to say, what not to say

I didn’t want to tell everyone

Acknowledge what happened

Pressure to talk about it

Ask if they want to talk about it or not

Having a choice to talk about it

It helped to talk to someone who didn't know me

Take it slow

Missing & remembering

Feeling the absence of my dad

Looking for dimes

What would my life be like if my dad hadn’t died?

I worried about forgetting him

Birthdays and anniversaries

When people say, “I know,” or “I understand”

People say I look like him

Keeping my dad in my life

Being compared to him